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EARTH: An Immersive AR/AI Experience & Model Of The Planet

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EARTH: An Immersive AR/AI Experience & Model Of The Planet

October 12
20:45 2018

New York, New York – Earth has a 4.5 billion year story. From stardust to cities, our planet has given us a staggering amount of information to explore about ourselves, our surroundings, and even what lies beyond the surface of our world. However, this wealth of knowledge is often limited to books, videos, and lectures—which are not always accessible or compelling.

Now, you can take an epic trip around the globe and study every inch of our planet with our model of EARTH. This product was launched on Kickstarter and was 100% funded in just two hours. “We are overwhelmed with the support for EARTH from the Kickstarter community in just two hours of our campaign! We can’t wait for everyone to learn about our amazing planet with this project.”
– Joanne Dai, Co-founder of AstroReality

EARTH’s change throughout time is reflected directly in AR layouts exploring animals, cloud patterns, Earth’s structure, and population density. EARTH is a beautiful and finely-detailed model of our planet, brought to life by Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a voice-controlled app. Thanks to EARTH’s AI capabilities, you can use your voice to ask questions directly to your device to learn about the planet like never before. The team behind EARTH is AstroReality—a collective of scientists, astronomy enthusiasts, designers, and tech geeks, who are deeply committed to using innovative and creative technology to shape the way people interact with science. EARTH comes after AstroReality’s first successful project of a detailed replica of the moon—LUNAR. Hailed as “the best way to learn about the moon without actually visiting it” by Gizmodo—and praised by the likes of WIRED, Mashable, and The Next Web—LUNAR allowed users to explore and learn about the moon’s rocky surface.

“After our first campaign for LUNAR, we wanted to keep creating beautiful objects that educate with immersive technology. Our team has been hard at work creating EARTH, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself. We’re excited for our community to once again join us in our journey and to learn about our planet at a time when we need it most.”
 – Joanne Dai, Co-founder of AstroReality

EARTH follows LUNAR’s immersive AR experience, this time with many new features and datasets. The deeply layered, interactive experience not only covers basic geographic information such as landmarks, latitude and longitude, time zones, and regions, but also complex visual data across various topics. EARTH allows you to view our planet through the lens of heatmaps, cloud atlases, point maps, texture maps, and more. You can also delve into history with virtual timelines of environmental protection, geology, humanities, meteorology, and vegetation.

“The amazing thing about our  technology, is that it enables everyone to use the most advanced augmented reality object recognition and AI ability on a physical product. We think that no one else is doing this on the same level we are. It’s the most cutting edge technology for a real world experience.”
 – James Li, Co-founder of AstroReality

EARTH takes you through time and space to explore your deepest questions about our planet’s rich history, along with the current state of our world due to climate change, natural disasters, and more. Simply point your smartphone’s camera at EARTH to unlock a compelling and visually-stunning AR experience, where you can learn about all corners of our planet—past, present, and future.

“Every map and globe selects a story to tell—but EARTH and its augmented reality lets us select and experience these like never before. The detailed model lets us explore the planet with our fingertips, while the technology transports us through time to understand where we came from, who we are and what we will be.”
– John Roma Skok, PhD

EARTH is 120mm (4.7in) in diameter, scaled at 1:106,300,000 of our planet’s size. Made of polyresin, the model is 3D-printed and uses hand molding and casting, finished off with detailed hand painting. On top of being a beautiful art piece; EARTH is also instantly recognized by AstroReality’s AR software—seamlessly transitioning from a model to an interactive experience.

You can preorder this model today at

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