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The peak of the public chain history – B01 digital ecological is coming

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The peak of the public chain history – B01 digital ecological is coming

July 11
03:27 2019

In the trend of the blockchain in which the public chain is king, many people are crazy about mining more things in the public chain, but looking at the financial field of the blockchain, many failures due to the loss of control caused by greed or incompetence, many When the system is over-issued in the system, and not so many groups reach consensus and application, the eventually triggers the currency over-exposure and causes the collapse of the entire public-chain system and its elimination.

The B01 digital ecology has a collective interest in the current blockchain environment. The B01 digital ecology comes with fan traffic. At the same time as creating a digital ecology, fans first have tokens, subverting the current pre-existing tokens. The norm of consensus. According to professional analysis, B01 follows the mature six-layer technology architecture, adopts standard asymmetric encryption block chain structure; P2P distributed network layer; DPOS consensus layer; asset income incentive layer; asset free contract layer; powerful The ecological application layer of business applications. After Bitcoin, I have never seen a public chain project in which the combination of mode, technology and ecology is so appropriate.

B01 digital ecology will surpass 99% of today’s blockchain projects, and establish a large unified blockchain through cross-chain technology to connect blockchains. B01 is committed to building a next-generation digital ecosystem. The main service carrier is B01 Technology Chain, B01. Wallet and B01 financial channels are composed of three parts. B01’s products and services provide businesses or individuals with the ability to rapidly deploy efficient blockchain solutions, enabling seamless connectivity of digital and physical worlds, allowing your digital currency to be used in a variety of trading scenarios, truly activated Your digital assets. Everyone is a participant in the B01 digital ecology. Everyone is a believer, and even everyone can become a rule maker.

The B01 Digital Ecosystem’s underlying platform uses the public chain issued by the Singapore Foundation and is built by Singapore’s top technology team. B01 Digital Ecology builds a financial services platform based on blockchain technology. The main members of the team come from the United States, Russia, Europe, South Korea and other regions. At the same time, they are from many well-known financial institutions around the world and have many years of experience in financial industry. Use its own experience and resources to build a digital financial ecosystem, promote the development of the financial industry, and bring about technological innovation.

Core member of the team

• CEO Jonathan Fianu

Jonathan Fianu is the co-founder and CEO of B01 Digital Ecology.

Jonathan Fianu has 15 years of experience in financial markets and investments. Since 2013, he has been active in the blockchain field and has held senior management positions in a number of financial companies. He has developed a large number of outstanding financial talents and is committed to Blockchain technology creates a digital financial ecosystem platform.

• Marketing Director Rer Lind

Rer Lind graduated from Stanford University and is currently the Director of Digital Marketing at B01. He has worked in Coinbase for 7 years in Internet marketing and is currently responsible for the planning, implementation, project analysis and competitor monitoring of B01 digital eco-marketing activities.

• Chief Legal Officer Daniil Morozov

Daniil Morozov is the Chief Legal Officer of B01 Digital Ecology. He is responsible for analysing the laws of different jurisdictions, developing documents, establishing subsidiaries and related legal audits, and providing legal support for the B01 digital ecosystem to ensure that projects operate in compliance with countries.

Two investment institutions

HyperChain is the world’s premier digital asset management company, focusing on blockchain-based projects and decentralized protocols. Blockchain assets or digital assets are one of the main pillars of the new economy and are becoming a new category of digital assets that can be rewarded at the agreement level.

LEGEL VC is an investment fund registered in Seychelles. As early as 2013, LEGEL VC has begun to lay out blockchain projects. The founders and investment managers of LEGEL VC have invested in many quality projects through a professional vision and unique insights into the blockchain. The project also achieved a very high return on investment.

The purpose of B01 digital ecology is to make the growth rate of all-ecological user demand always higher than the growth rate of token issuance, infinitely close to sustainable operation, and finally promote the society to gradually enter the decentralized contract civilization track.

If the Ethereum is a future currency, then the payment and redemption functions of the Ethereum must be prepared by the mobile phone B01 digital digital ecology before the 5G network is ready for commercial use, and the pattern of digital assets will be prepared in advance. The leader in a round of technological change has led the digital wallet to a new height and pushed the blockchain economy forward.

B01 is a digital asset circulation system based on the blockchain business ecosystem. Blocks and miners essentially limit the performance of the blockchain, and the world is in a certain period of time (bitcoin is 10 minutes, Litecoin is 2.5 minutes, Ethereum is 15 seconds). All transaction data Tx is to be loaded into a district. In the block (mold). The miners have to reach a consensus at this time to pack, and it takes 10 minutes for the POW consensus. And our B01 block transaction is confirmed as 5 seconds, which is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in the history of blockchain.
B01 digital ecology can be developed in DAPP. Decentralized storage, payment, decentralized and anonymous way to build a “digital bank” on each node, decentralized exchanges, anonymous social chat and many other application ecosystems. Circulation generates value, strong ecological application, and strategic deployment of global layout. Multi-national communities operate together to meet the needs of users in the mobile Internet era, and strive to build a world-class digital asset platform for blockchain!

In order to stand out in the battle of the blockchain, it is necessary to see the essence to grasp the key to the problem, so that the actual growth rate of the market is always higher than the growth rate of the token circulation to be close to sustainable operation. In the next few decades, the value of the B01 digital ecosystem will continue to rise in the global consensus and rapid growth rhythm, driving the overall progress of the blockchain industry.

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