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Interview with the WIN project team: The new blockchain financial project is about to land

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Interview with the WIN project team: The new blockchain financial project is about to land

July 11
03:42 2019
Today we are honored to have invited Liam Fiddes, Technical Consultant of WIN Project.

Welcome to Liam Fiddes, a former core developer of AUGUR, who is deeply involved in the development of the project and is responsible for the development of WIN technology. Known as the Wellington International Network, WIN is a decentralized blockchain financial project. Next we will conduct a simple interview with Liam Fiddes:

Q: Hello, Liam Fiddes. You are now a technical consultant for the WIN project. Can you introduce us to the WIN project?

A: Hello, the host. WIN is called: Wellington International Network, which relies on blockchain technology to build a credit evaluation system for the entire financial system to significantly reduce credit risk and reduce credit costs. It can make high-quality assets safely circulate and expand blockchain technology. Application boundaries and technical boundaries. The innovation lies in the high-performance transaction settlement through the multi-chain fusion technology independently researched and developed to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of transactions. At the same time it introduces third-party developers and integration into series of innovative new technologies, build a subdivision “intelligent resource”, “asset smart” infrastructure, providing a stable, easy to use platform, business users can easily access.

Q: Who is the current WIN project consultant technical team?

A: The WIN consultant technical team members come from different places such as New Zealand, Singapore, China, and Korea. Some are blockchain senior development engineers, such as Liam Fiddes, some are engineers such as Sol Coad, others are cryptographers, network security engineers, and early cryptocurrency investors.

Q: What is the difference between WIN and other blockchain financial projects? Where is the advantage?

A: This is yes. First of all, from the architectural point of view, WIN’s technical level adopts a layered architecture blockchain technology to ensure that the blockchain’s trustworthy features are covered at the level of the entire architecture. This is the biggest difference between the WIN project and other blockchain financial projects. It guarantees different requirements for different applications in the WIN project, and provides guarantee for individuals and enterprises to quickly and safely implement various application scenarios and business models.

Q: What is the plan after the WIN project goes online?

A: Yes, our main focus is on the technical level and community operators. On the technical level, we are committed to realizing the WIN main online line around May 2020 to promote the ecological construction and design of WIN Finance. On the community side, our operations team will further promote our community, and our technical team will work with the operations team to conduct business promotion activities around the world.

Q: After the WIN wallet goes online, will the follow-up further carry out the ecological landing?

A: After the WIN wallet goes online, we will further carry out the ecological landing. The game will be our first choice for our project. Our games based on WIN will also be online soon.

In the end, Liam Fiddes said that WIN’s development work has progressed very smoothly, and WIN will also go online to major platform exchanges. They will continue to maintain close contact with investors and technology development to promote the smooth operation of the WIN project.

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