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A Safer and More Effective Revolutionary Program for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

A Safer and More Effective Revolutionary Program for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Manti, UT – Motivational speaker and inventor Dave Hall is introducing a revolutionary program that will help Type 2 diabetes patients manage their condition minus the harmful complications and side effects brought by existing diabetes medications on the market.

A lot of studies have been conducted showing the dangers of diabetes medications leaving Type 2 diabetes patients frustrated because of the limited choices they have. This motivated Dave Hall to create the Cellerciser® program to help diabetes patients overcome their condition. The Cellerciser® is a rebounder trampoline that contains a NASA-approved 5-in-one exercise system.  According to Hall, “The Cellerciser® is the only rebounder fitness mini-trampoline with the patented Tri-flex spring which is safe for persons of all ages. I guarantee that Cellercise® is the best exercise for diabetics on the planet, and I will stand by that. If you don’t see immediate results, in only 10 minutes a day, within 30 days, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. There is no better gift than the gift of health.”

With the Cellerciser®, patients can overcome diabetes mellitus in a fun, easy, and simple way for only 10 minutes a day. When patients use this, they perform isotonic, isometric, calisthenic, aerobic, and flexibility exercises that flex every cell of their body 100 times per minute. Diabetic supplements, testing supplies, health practitioner visits, special shoes and socks, and all the other products out there designed to make life easier for diabetics are great, but the costs can add up burdening patients more. On the other hand, the Cellerciser® is a one-time purchase with long term benefits. More so, the whole family can use it and enjoy the health benefits the program brings.

Every Cellerciser® purchase also includes several valuable bonus items including an informative & instructional DVD called “Don’t Just Exercise… Cellercise!”, and the $40.00 DVD, “Cellercise…the Ultimate Exercise!”,  which includes the Personal Trainer drop down menu. This feature contains over 20 different techniques, addressing, back, knee, hip, and shoulder techniques, digestion/elimination, cellulite, weight loss, muscle building, stress and sleeping techniques, lung and bronchial tube health, the natural facelift, and much more. It also comes with the downloadable version of the User Guide featuring demonstrations of Cellercise® techniques and a toll-free customer support line.

The Cellerciser® is not sold through stores but can be purchased through the website:, or by calling 1-800-856-4863. The company’s office is located at 87 North Main Street Manti, Utah 84642. Questions and concerns may be sent to [email protected]

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Company Name: Cellerciser
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