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The Accomplished Actress, Yan Na, Creates Private Foothill in an Artistically Cross-circle Way!

The Accomplished Actress, Yan Na, Creates Private Foothill in an Artistically Cross-circle Way!

On December 3, 2017, a great number of stars gathered in Nanning, Guangxi, China, forming an unprecedentedly grand occasion. Thousands of family members and guests of Private Foothill arrived while elites from the finance circle, the media circle and the real estate circle were present. Conspicuous celebrities gathered at Private Foothill to experience the brilliant visual and auditory feast. The famous Chinese actress, producer and project investor, Yan Na, and a number of stars like Shao Feng, Wu Yue and Hong Jiantao jointly cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony and witnessed the grand opening of “Home In Your Mind”-Private Foothill Phase II. It is a diversified world. From an accomplished actress who have often obtained awards to a real estate investor, Yan Na has overcome people from various circles depending on her extraordinary personality charm and unique creativity. the media at home and abroad cannot help sincerely appreciating the great impact of the activity. It is successively reported by China’s authoritative medias like and, the five major websites including ifeng, sina, sohu, Netease and Tencent, each major finance, real estate, entertainment and fashion channel, new medias like GQ, Vogue, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, China’s high-end luxury magazine, Enjoyable Travel, and so on.

The present reporters of medias at home and abroad commented: Yan Na is a successful cross-circle business woman with creativity and influence. She can see what others cannot with acute business acumen. Meanwhile, she attaches importance to humanism complex and always pursues for better as an artist with a great understanding of life.

“It is unexpected that the life environment and commercial atmosphere in Nanjing, China are so great that foreigners can indeed consider to settle down here. Private Foothill and its creator, Ms.Yan Na, are so amazing!” said by a British reporter who lives in China.

People have been yearning for the hometown of longevity in China, Guangxi. On account of the perfect and harmonious unity of rare and precious scenery resources and the best geographical advantages, Private Foothill in Nanning can be called as the masterpiece in Naning villas, being far ahead of many so-called “luxurious housing”. It is quite insightful for Yan Na to choose to invest the project, Private Foothill. There is a huge gap between an actress and real estate. However, as for her, nothing can be a problem, which definitely benefits from constant influence of her parents who work in real estate.


Yan Na mentioned in the reporters’ interview, “The real success owes to regression to family. As far as I am concerned, ” I may need to practice and learn more in my profession. Fundamentally speaking, I would rather shape my home in my mind. Simply speaking, real estate means houses while houses offer people with their home. I’m willing to instill my complexes and understanding of life into the project. The so-called gap cannot be separated from my passion and pursuit for life.”

Yan Na, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in China, has frequently been rewarded. With great adaption to roles, she has shaped various roles favored by audience and fans, such as the heroine Xiu Ling in A Unique Militiman, the straightforward Tie Wen in Master, the Shen Yunxia with bourgeois sentiments in Iron Age and the independent fashionable white-collar Liang Xiaoxi in Tiny Happy Life of My Family. Meanwhile, she is also a life artist who extremely pursues for details and sense of ritual. In ordinary days, she prunes plants and is immersed in reading. She can even spend one hour a day in cooking a delicious breakfast for herself and the delicious food cooked by her is recorded in the food programs of each major TV stations.

As Yan Na said, cooking is not only for eating but for enjoying the exquisite process that makes life full of sense of ritual. Arts originate from life while life can be transformed to arts, indicating that everything is closely related. All of these qualities become the most powerful advantages for Yan Na to transform from an artistic worker to an investor in return.

Celebrities gather, showing circle influence of Chinese actors beyond imagination

The low-key, hardworking, simple and straightforward characters provide Yan Na with much interpersonal relationship. Hundreds of celebrities responded to the activity and a number of stars and big names were present in person and advertised hard for Private Foothill. Many stars and guests like Shao Feng, Wu Yue and Hong Jiantao were present to advertise hard for their friend and sincerely shared their feelings about Private Foothill and their “definition of home”. They successively commented: as friends of Yan Na’s, they know more about Yan Na’s working style of keeping improvement and pursuit for arts and are more deeply influenced by her pursuit for a wonderful life style. Her personal charm and good taste convince them of the success of the project. There must be more surprises for Yan Na’s smartness so they must powerfully support it. At the first sight of Private Foothill in Nanning, they felt that the environment is wonderful and they must settle down here. They even discussed to live as neighbors and imagined the various views after moving in. They hereby especially appreciate that Yan Na cleverly invested the project so that they can be in a favorable position.

The famous Kungfu star, Wu Yue, who is mainly working in Beijing, immediately and unhesitatingly chose Private Foothill. He said that he suddenly felt that he had somewhere for his life of older age. Apart from trust for the investor Yan Na, Private Foothill is the best that he has ever seen so far. For high quality, elegant environment and fair price, whoever can live here meets a great fortune in life. The famous actors, Shao Feng and Hong Jiantao, said that they have cooperated with the investor Yan Na for several times so they firmly believe her good taste and choice. Furthermore, Private Foothill is exactly what they want for home.

The ecological environment is wonderful with fresh and livable air and the regional values tend to increase with outstanding matching facilities and humanized product design. It reaches an upsurge now as stars and big names successively recommend it and even become its owners. Such a huge influence exactly reflects the irresistible charm of the investor Yan Na and Private Foothill.

Private Foothill, as if you are in a forest oxygen bar…

Start the “southeastern” vacation at Private Foothill

Draw a dream: the hidden storage room and the forest library both originate from Yan Na’s creative ideas

For the life that she is passionate about, she creates a livable “kingdom” for herself.

“However, a good geographical location merely with great lakes and hills is one of our embodiment of failure.” Yan Na proposed a higher demand. What is it? She hopes to communicate with the nature.


“The nature is inspiring so I hope that we can communicate with the nature. The contemporary society pace is so fast that everyone is busy and back home exhausted. I hope it can not only provide a feeling and warmth of home, but can offer a relaxing feeling of getting closer to the nature in person as well.”

Furthermore, Yan Na has also planned the future private customization service. From the perspective of humanism complex, various demands of different client groups can be satisfied. There are more tricks in the villas’ spatial design concept, which is more humanistic with more different surprises. For instance, there can be a hidden storage room with more space for storing stuff of three generations. There can also be a forest library where each plant from distance owns its story in the glass house. There are more stairs and tatami in the library to offer children with more reading time surrounding yourself. It is hoped that different experience can be brought to parent-child activity through the community design. “Though it is just a small wish of mine, I hope to instill such a complex into the project,” said by Yan Na.

In addition, Yan Na energetically makes full use of more hobbies. Apart from real estate, she personally invests drama scripts. Meanwhile, she works as a producer behind the big screen and is now devoting to a TV series with theme of fashion. Under appropriate circumstances, she also suggests to shoot them at her own real estate projects to bring along her products. With several posts and great cross-circle integration, Yan Na is indeed outstanding in ability and strengths.

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