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German Liextroux Newly Develop Alarm Clock Robot to Allow People to Get Up On Time and Have a Good Mood at the Same Time

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German Liextroux Newly Develop Alarm Clock Robot to Allow People to Get Up On Time and Have a Good Mood at the Same Time

June 29
20:45 2018

In daily life, everyone should have a good understanding of the importance of alarm clocks. Especially for office workers, the alarm clock is almost indispensable. But sometimes people sleep too well so even if they set an alarm clock, they cannot be woken up on time. Especially when they need to attend important conferences or catch flights. If they miss time because they can’t be woken up, there often cause serious consequences; sometimes when people are forced to be woke up by the alarm clock, they will feel “frightened”, which leads to a drowsy day and unclear mind. Therefore, in order to ensure that people can wake up at the time that they have expected and wake up in a relaxed way, German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute newly develop an alarm clock robot that allows you to get up on time and have a good mood at the same time.

Scientific research shows that people are more likely to move during light sleep and are therefore more likely to wake up during light sleep. The working principle that this alarm clock robot adopts is traditional Chinese medicine meridian bioelectric resonance. It creatively integrates ancient traditional Chinese medicine, modern western medicine and modern western medicine radiology. The dedicated “bioelectric resonance treatment instrument” will release electric energy, and after the human adjustment, by adopting appropriate power and using resonance techniques to change the light sleep and deep sleep by changing the user’s brain waves. The alarm musics used by the alarm clock robot are the most advanced alarm clock in the world. These alarm musics are all designed to meet the changes of human brain waves and enable people to wake naturally in the light sleep state. They do not make people feel “frightened” and is very pleasing. Users can choose the alarm musics they like according to their preferences.

German Liextroux Newly Develop Alarm Clock Robot to Allow You to Get Up On Time and Have a Good Mood at the Same Time

The specific instructions of the alarm clock robot is that the user sets the time that need to be woke up in advance. The alarm clock robot will detect the user’s sleep status in real time, and then the robot will automatically start to work when approaching the alarm time set by the user. When near the alarm time set by the user, if the sleep state of the user monitored by the robot is light sleep state, then the robot will be ready to play a pleasant alarm music when the alarm time comes; if the robot detects that the user’s sleep state is deep sleep state at this time. Then the robot will adopt the principles of traditional Chinese medicine meridian bioelectric resonance to use its hands to release appropriate power and use resonance techniques to convert the user’s sleep from deep sleep to light sleep, and then wake up the user with a sweet alarm music.

The alarm clock robot developed by the German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has become a good helper for vast consumers, especially for office workers’ daily lives. In addition, the German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also conducted research on robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaners developed by German Liextroux Robotics Institute adopts zigzag cleaning mode and with its high-precision positioning and navigation system to achieve high-precision linear walking without yawing. Its professional customized digital frequency conversion brushless motor which forged of high-precision pure lead is resistant to high temperature and has high rotations. It possesses 1500pa super suction and its variable frequency suction mouth can automatically adjust the suction size regarding different debris. In addition, it also has a powerful wet mopping function. It is equipped with a large 220ml water tank and there are three golden water holes at the bottom of the machine, which can continuously supply water for 90 minutes. So it has no pressure even in face of large house cleaning. After the robot vacuum cleaner was launched, it has been well received by consumers.

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