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Free Shipping Dual LTE MIMO Antenna for 4G Modem Routers

Free Shipping Dual LTE MIMO Antenna for 4G Modem Routers

Dual LTE MIMO antenna with TS9/SMA/CRC9 connectors
Want to get stable performance when you use 4G/LTE modem or routers? Now Store4G provides dual LTE MIMO antenna with free shipping service. This antenna could improve your signal strength for your 4G mobile broadband devices that support MIMO technology.

With the mature of the 4G LTE technology, more and more mobile operators are now offering 4G LTE services to continue to refine the technology, squeezing extra speed out of the existing infrastructure and standards. Users now use 4G LTE modems or router for traveling usage or home usage. However, the performance you get from your LTE device is largely dependent on your mobile signal strength. Now Store4G provides dual LTE MIMO antenna for improving your signal strength for your 4G mobile broadband devices that support MIMO technology. Free shipping to anywhere!

This 4G MIMO antenna is ideal for improving signal and transfer speeds. It is backwards compatible with 2G and 3G networks as well, providing assurance of compatibility with your carrier’s network. This antenna will keep your signal “future technology-proof”! With it, you will see radical improvements in your signal quality!

Dual LTE MIMO Antenna Specifications:


• Typically used in indoor distribution of LTE and MIMO services

• Improves mobile hotspot antenna performance

• Covers a wide band spectrum for your 4G device

• Usable indoors or outdoors

• Low return loss, high gain, Stable performance

• Compact, light-weight and easy to install

• 2m cables with two TS9/CRC9/SMA connectors

Frequency Range:


Gain: 35dBi

Cable length: 2m    

Dimension: 5.75 in x 5.75 in x 1.5 in

Connector type: dual TS9, SMA, or CRC9 available

Compatible devices: Any 4G LTE devices (cannot work under TDD 2300MHz), such as Huawei B593, Huawei B890, Huawei B880, Huawei E398, Huawei E3276, Aircard 760S, Aircard 754S, AirCard 313U, Aircard 320U, ZTE MF91, ZTE MF910 and more.

Package Contents: MIMO antenna with 2 CRC9/TS9/SMA connectors

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Why use this dual connector antenna?

Now more and more LTE devices support 2*2 MIMO technology, there are two external antenna connectors that enables users to plug a LTE MIMO antenna to the device to boost the signal strength.

About the 2×2 MIMO, it means two antennas receive two independent data streams. What this means is that for applications requiring high speed data two external antennas must be used. This may consist of one antenna housing two independent radiators, or two completely separate antennas. Though the 4G device could operate perfectly fine with only one antenna, there would be about a 50% reduction in download rate (upload speeds are unaffected). So, it is recommend that you to use a dual connector antenna instead of a single connector antenna in order to utilize the effect to the outmost.

Price and availability

This antenna is now on sale at store4G with $79 and free shipping service to anywhere. You could make the payment via Paypal, bank transfer or Western union way.

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