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Qi Hydration Packs For A Better Mountain Biker

Qi Hydration Packs For A Better Mountain Biker

Truly a good example of functionality and good construction in sports equipment, the Qi Hydration Packs provides bikers a superb choice for water needs.

The Qi Hydration Packs are tough water reservoirs which are made to be worn as backpacks. These hydration packs are developed using a puncture resistant and durable component. They are intact, regarded as one of the best and toughest water packs at this point in time. This is not only suitable for biking, in fact even other activities have discovered perfect use for these because of the capability to withstand the roughest condition.

In spite of the durable construction, Qi hydration packs never lack with regards to comfort. These are specially made with padded backs to let air to circulate between the pack and the back as well. Through this way, sweat which comes off evaporates instead of keeping the back part of the clothes and the back damp all through biking activity to cause more distress. Mesh harness and adjustable straps also assist the hydration pack in the right place in order it sits perfect and comfortably on users back. Such technology not just makes sure comfort but also avoid back injuries which can be caused by offensive loading. The differing carrying abilities of these packs allow bikers to select a size suitable for their needs.

What makes the excitement to utilize is its hand-free bite valve style. It no longer needed to stop to get out a water bottle from the hydration pack, open the bottle, take swig, close the bottle, then place it safely back in the pack.  Normally, this is the reason why biker hesitates or forgets to stop and drink. In many cases, to save time bikers wait for feeling of thirst or tiredness prior to stopping to drink. In these situations, dehydration has already begun to creep in. With Qi hydration pack, there no need of stopping and wasting precious time to drink and rehydrate. Just put the valve into the mouth, suck it and drink. This leaves bikers more time to enjoy this outdoor activity.

“I really love this product. Qi Hydration Packs are far different compared to other hydration packs for bikers available today. It is durable and comfortable wear. I recommend this product to everyone.” – Expert Bikers.

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