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“Dancing Spiders” – Enlightening App that Educates and Protects Children

“Dancing Spiders” – Enlightening App that Educates and Protects Children

Interactive Storytelling App that Teaches Kids About Molestation

Singapore, Singapore – Jan 19, 2015 – “Dancing Spiders” is a storybook app to get children to be aware of a real life issue – molestation – through an interactive storytelling that is engaging.. In order to get this tool out to the children of today, the creators launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to fully develop the app.

The majority of the time, children are unaware of how normal relationships with adults or even their friends should be. When the kids find themselves in situations with a child molester, they are unaware of how to properly handle it or may not even know that what is happening is wrong. Until it is too late and they become emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. There are many reasons why parents or adults are not discussing this pressing matter with children. It could be because they do not have enough time or are too uncomfortable to discuss and hope the school system will teach their kids what they need to know.

Educating children on this issue and how to properly handle difficult situations are crucial to protect them. This is why a group of passionate individuals out of Singapore felt the need to create a solution – interactive storybook app – to help parents teach their children about molestation, the dangers and how to live smart. The “Dancing Spiders” app is an entertaining interactive story that provides relevant information to children.

This sensitive and thoughtful tale involves a group of children playing together in a magical forest. The use of magical creatures in a wholesome, engaging story tamper the harshness of the issue that is being put across to the young readers and yet, help to highlight the issue. As this touch-triggered animation takes kids on a journey that involves realistic scenarios that involve child molesters and sexual grooming, the reader learns and picks up the knowledge to handle situations  sensibly.

Interesting Features

  • Throughout the plot, one of the characters encounters a difficult situation that resonates with real life.  A unique feature of the app is the interactive decision point that allows the reader to evaluate the situation in the shoes of the character before carrying on with the story. For example, the reader can chose whether the storybook character should follow the stranger to his house, or wisely go back to play with his friends. How the story unfolds and ends depends on the option chosen by the reader. This is a unique and creative way to develop a child’s thinking skills to make the right decision, and learn the consequences of the wrong option. Having an effective teaching tool such as this provides peace of mind to parents to know their children will confidently handle these situations sensibly.
  • Children have the option to stop the story at any time.
  • It has interesting magical characters to engage the children, and the language is simple to understand. For instance, there is Uncle Jim with dreadlocks. Another interesting character called Mr O is a talking tree that can answer any question. 

The app will be offered on iOS and Google Play.                    

“We’re really excited to bring this app to children,” says Sandra Hugs. “With touch-triggered animation, music, sounds and an intuitive platform, this will keep the child entertained and engaged while picking up useful knowledge.” 

To enlighten children and empower them to make the right choices to protect themselves, the creators need help from supporters to raise capital to develop the app. All funds from the IndieGoGo campaign will go towards professional copy-editing, illustration, artwork, narration, recording, animation, and programming. Backers of the campaign will receive special rewards as a thank you for their support. The goal is to raise $15,000 and needs to be met by February 10, 2015. If they do not receive enough funding, it can be years before this app is ready to be downloaded to help children live smart.

Make a contribution today! Help bring awareness of these real life issues and give children the tools to stay safe and happy.

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For more information or details of the “Dancing Spiders” app, visit their website.

To preview the app and an introduction of the special characters, check out their YouTube channel.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dancing Spiders
Contact Person: Sandra Hugs
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 96266733
Country: Singapore


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