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Dedicated Photographer Barbara Peacock Chronicles More than Three Decades of Small Town Life in Her Photobook “Hometown”

Dedicated Photographer Barbara Peacock Chronicles More than Three Decades of Small Town Life in Her Photobook “Hometown”

For more than 33 years, Barbara Peacock has been snapping photos of her hometown Westford, Massachusetts. Her project began as an assignment for art school, but has become a historically important project not only for her own hometown, but for any small town USA. Because of the length of time the project has taken it also has become an anthropological study of growth and change as well as a history in the progression and evolution of photography itself.  Barbara has chronicled many of the most honest moments of small town life including major festivities, family milestones, and daily raw moments of human expression. 

After more than three decades, Barbara is finally ready to share her intimate vision of Westford in a color and black & white photo book entitled “Hometown.” Her masterful work has earned acclaim from photographic Icons such as Jock Sturges who praised it as “One of the richest bodies of work I’ve come across in a long time and very much worthy of support. Beautiful pictures!” and Ernesto Bazan who called her work “intimate, gracious and soulful.”

 While growing up in Westford, Barbara began her love affair with photography which she later studied at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts.  Her studies later led her to work with seminal figures of the field including Eugene Richards, Ernesto Bazan, and Mary Ellen Mark.  Using a wide array of cameras using both film and digital media, Barbara strived to find the most luminous and extraordinary moments in her small corner of Americana. More than mere snapshots of a sleepy town over the years, this photographic essay has captured the transformation of a small town of 6,000 into a major suburb of Boston populated by engineers and high tech professionals.

Like any publication, “Hometown” is a major undertaking.  In order to publish this important art project, almost $50,000 must be raised.  While some of the funds have already been provided by friends and neighbors, Barbara is appealing to the public to help provide the remainder so that her decades long chronicle can be shared with her community but with millions of others who share their small town way of life.  In return for backing this historic project, you may receive perks like postcards, T-shirts, copies of “Hometown,” mention in the acknowledgments page, or a personal party catered by Tom Peacock and hosted by Barbara Peacock.  To learn more about “Hometown” or to make a donation, please visit

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