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Save Money with Internet Specials from HotMixx Paving in Northern Virginia

Save Money with Internet Specials from HotMixx Paving in Northern Virginia

Save $250 off the price of a new driveway with a special offer from HotMixx Paving, a paving company in Northern Virginia. This Class A paving company provides skilled paving service with high-quality results for residential and commercial projects.

HotMixx Paving in Northern Virginia saves customers money on the price of a new driveway. The Internet special offers a coupon for $250 in savings. Go to the website at to view this and other special offers.

Print out coupons for:

  • $250 Off a New Driveway
  • 10% Off All Services for Members of the Military
  • $50 Off Sealcoating
  • Free Estimates for Any Service

HotMixx Paving provides high-quality residential paving in Northern Virginia. Over their 25 years in business, they have paved more than 6,000 driveways with asphalt.

Driveways are just one of the many paving projects that HotMixx Paving undertakes. They handle the big commercial projects, too, including:

  • Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Sports Courts
  • Bike Paths

In addition to paving, HotMixx Paving repairs and maintains existing paved surfaces, and offer asphalt milling and pulverization. The company provides free and detailed estimates so that its customers know exactly how much a project will cost. This is how they make sure there are no surprises once the work has begun or when it is done

HotMixx Paving is proud to provide its customers with asphalt services, including environmentally friendly options. Made almost entirely of stone, asphalt is the most recycled material in the country.

Asphalt is made from recycled products such as old tires, roofing shingles, and damaged asphalt. This explains why asphalt comprises 94 % of all paved surfaces. Another reason is that asphalt is quick, easy, and inexpensive to install, and it can handle any type of load.

HotMixx Paving performs effective asphalt repair and maintenance with sealcoating. This is beneficial for asphalt that is fading or chipping due to physical damage and environmental factors, such as the weather.

Call (571) 732-3376 to request a free estimate from HotMixx Paving for asphalt paving or maintenance. For more information, visit the website at

HotMixx Paving offers asphalt paving and sealcoating throughout Northern Virginia, and Alexandria.

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