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Dog-N-Around – Dog Daycare That Will Help the Community One Dog at a Time

Dog-N-Around – Dog Daycare That Will Help the Community One Dog at a Time

An Organization that is Built on Love, Hope, and Generosity

Las Vegas, NV – Jan 21, 2015 – Brian Magruder, creator of Dog-N-Around, awoke one day with a vision. A vision that encompasses love, hope, giving back to the community, and did not include profits or greed. This vision is Dog-N-Around, which is a dog daycare and kennel that will provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for both dogs and humans. Dog-N-Around has partnered with local shelters to hold annual dog shows that will assist them in getting dogs adopted. They will also raise funds through annual dog walks. In order to turn this project into a reality, they have started an IndieGoGo campaign

This is not just any daycare. Dog-N-Around is unique kennel that provides exceptional service to customers and their furry friends. They accept all dogs, no matter what their temperament or special needs are. In an effort to help dogs find good homes, they will hold dog shows to showcase the dogs and have an auction before to find dogs a nice home. These events are going to be fun and full of love. It is all about helping everyone in the community by finding a caring home for these dogs, while bringing joy to those who take them in.

The dog daycare and kennel will offer boarding, grooming, waste removal at people’s homes, and dog watches. Dog-N-Around will provide excellent service at an affordable price, which will make it the ideal solution for pet owners who are looking for a quality dog daycare that they can trust.

The giving does not stop there. A portion of the profits from the dog daycare will go towards Brian’s non-profit organization, Fallen Hope. The orgainzation will help rehabilitate the homeless in the community back into society. Many times the government has given up on them. However, they simply need the right tools and someone to believe in them. These people need support to know they can stand on their own two feet to make a contribution to society again. The reintegrating program will include providing food, clean clothes, shelter, medical, and therapy for a period of approximately six months. During this time, the goal is to give these people the hope and confidence to go out on their own again.

“I was given a vision of Dog-N-Around, a company that is focused on love, and truly dedicated to giving back to society,” said founder Brian Magruder. “My vision is that Dog-N-Around will be more than a mere for profit business, but an entity that makes a positive difference within the community.”

To bring love and hope back into the community, they need assistance from supporters to get the facility running. All funds from the campaign will go towards purchasing dog kennels, fencing, grooming equipment, and operations for the company. Backers will receive special rewards like Leather Brothers Slip Lead, memory foam sleeper dog bed, pet stroller, and much more for their support. The campaign will end on February 12th, 2015.

If Dog-N-Around does not receive the funds by the end of the campaign, then it can take years before they can open. Do not wait. Make a contribution today and to help the community!

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Company Name: Dog-N-Around
Contact Person: Brian magruder
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (702) 499 5099
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: United States


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