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Experience the Joys of Old Age and Retirement with Franciscan Communities

Experience the Joys of Old Age and Retirement with Franciscan Communities

Many people are hesitant to drop their aged parents off in any place that has been labelled as an old age home and a place where old people can go to after they cannot earn for themselves. People do not really view old age homes in a very positive light but the Franciscan group of Communities is aiming to change that all by enhancing the need to view old age homes as a second life for the elderly. They want to introduce an alliance community for retirement living for the elderly by introducing a place where the elderly can meet new people, make new friends and have someone to take care of them at all times. Many times, the people working at one of the many communities care for the elderly better than their own children can.

The retirement living community basically functions on five main values that have become Franciscan identity. The very first value is Respect which compels the people serving the elderly to see the face of God in the people they work for and to always treat them with reverence. Secondly, they believe in Service and in making sure that other people’s needs are placed before one’s own. Then, they believe that Dedication and passion towards the entrusted cause is essential and Stewardship is necessary to be responsible for all that is bestowed upon people. Lastly, they believe in doing all that they can to dispatch Joy to everyone in the independent retirement living community.

Mother Mary Theresa’s vision stays alive at this living care retirement community and is actually celebrated every hour and minute of the day as the workers endeavor to serve their seniors. Every attempt is made to make sure that seniors can live their lives to the fullest with the help of the proper knowledge, insight and experience that can enter the hearts and minds of seniors. All their hopes and fears have motivated the servers to form a continuum of great performance and service.

Communities include the arbrook retirement living community, frederick living retirement community, crl community retirement living and otterbein retirement living communities.

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The vision of the Franciscan communities says that they want to be the biggest community that looks to serve people who are needy and helpless all over the world and to help them live their lives more fully and completely. They are dedicated towards their objective and work hard day and night to make sure their vision comes true.

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