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Characteristics of the Paper Machine Clothing from Redstar Fabrics

Characteristics of the Paper Machine Clothing from Redstar Fabrics

Jan 23, 2015 – China – Polyester Paper Machine Clothing has very good resistance for acid, alkali, non-toxic and other substance and this products could be long time operate at 180 degrees environment. The chemical features of polyester also let this fabric has very high fatigue resistance, wear resistance, hydrolytic warm and others. At the same time, the mesh body of this product is very flat with large anti-bonding strength, high permeability, smooth operation, seamless marks, long life and other advantages.

The Paper Machine Clothing which has been made by famous supplier is made of high quality high-viscosity polyester chips processing wire and already passed through the working processes such as molding, weaving, finishing and styling. All of those attentively processes let their products own unique performance and advantages which could be concluded into high resistance for acid, alkali, abrasion, high temperature and long service life which could be regarded as several times of that of woven dry, canvas and general dryer fabric.

The Paper Machine Clothing from owns flat surface with high tensile strength, good air permeability and high heat transfer efficiency. This advantage could help users save a lot of energy and maintenance cost.

Thirdly, the Paper Machine Clothing is very easy to install and the interface does not have printed marks. On the other hand, the strength can reach 100% of normal network.

As the introduction of famous Polyester Forming Fabric factory Redstar Fabrics, the Dryer Fabric could be widely used in the industries such as papermaking, environmental protection, printing, dyeing, processing, food processing and other industries. According to the demand of users, this product could be filled with garden wire or flat wire and adjust the air permeability.

The main applicable industries of the Paper Machine Clothing could be included into glass containers manufacturing, food, bulbs, metal, containers, chemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, electronics, metallurgy, heat treatment, timber, logistics, transportation and other automatic devices and automatic pipelining. On the other hand, industries such as natural gas, coke oven gas, transmission electron infrared furnaces, food machinery, glass machinery, transportation machinery and other also need to apply the paper machine clothing.

About Redstar Fabrics

Redstar Fabrics has been a paper machine clothing supplier to paper industry for ten years, during which we achieved complete success in manufacturing fabrics for the forming, dryer and press sections in paper making process, with nation widely recognition and reputation of our excellent products and service. Redstar Fabrics delivers All-in-One solution for paper mills. Our experienced professionals want to know, listen to and understand the paper mills’ expectations while the talent engineers design innovative weave patterns with fine materials and the product manager match the fabrics to meet specific customer requirements. One of the company’s prime target is wider coverage of more market areas with diverse products and service to meet the demands for all paper grades, for all forming types.

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