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Evergreen Maritime launched new generation marine airbags

Evergreen Maritime launched new generation marine airbags

Chinese-based Evergreen Maritime is the leading manufacturer of marine airbags and ship fenders. Evergreen has been pioneering the development of marine airbags for a number of years, from material, structure to airbag accessories.

Evergreen incorporated Eversafe Marine Engineering, a wholly-owned subsidiary, to focus on the research and development of airbag launching/lifting technology for various industries. The company was the first to offer an integrated structure launching and heavy transfer service through a turnkey supply includes design, engineering and specialized services around the world. 

Marine airbags employed for heavy lift usually have much higher pressure to offer enough lifting force comparing with ship launching applications. In some heavy haul projects, such as caisson transfer to submersible barge, damage of airbags occurs to the two cones often after a circle time use. The worse is cone damage is difficult to repair due to its special structure. 

Evergreen engineers invented a kind of alloy sheath that can be installed to airbags’ cone ends for protection and fixing. “The specially designed cone sheath is not only a protection cover, it enhances the combination of each layers also that is the essential factor for airbag performance and safety. Our test results show new generation air bags’ bursting pressures get 20 percent increase that means the safe coefficient is improved from five to six times,” said Peng Sui, the manager of Evergreen production. 

Bob Yu, President of Evergreen Maritime, added “Safety is the most important thing for airbag users, base on this Evergreen keeps moving forward always. We are happy to see that the modification of cones has brought a new level of safety to our marine airbags and it is a clear accelerator for our business. We have tested the new generation airbag for two more years from lab to engineering projects. The substantial increase in airbag life span and safety had been both confirmed by our team and clients. We are more than happy to offer clients stronger and safer airbags with longer lifespan to achieve the win-win.”


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