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Witter Financial Group Adds Autism Benefits to Employee Health Plan

Witter Financial Group Adds Autism Benefits to Employee Health Plan

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Witter Financial Group is adding autism benefits for employees participating in the company’s health plan. Intensive behavior therapy for treatment of autism spectrum disorders, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, will be a covered benefit for employees and their families.

“Witter Financial Group is excited to offer ABA Therapy and provide this important treatment alternative for the children of our employees,” said Stephen Pang, Witter Financial Group General Counsel and Advisor. “One in 88 children is diagnosed with Autism. We are confident that this important new offering will change the lives of many of our employees.”

“For many years, my son was unable to receive the necessary treatments he needs, due to a lack of insurance treatment coverage. This change will allow us to provide a therapy that will help him prosper,” said Michael Wong, Vice President in Fixed Income at Witter Financial Group. “Thank you to the leadership of Witter Financial Group for recognizing this need and for taking the necessary steps to help ensure that my son reaches his fullest potential.”

ABA Therapy focuses on increasing positive behaviors while reducing those that cause harm.

“We constantly review our benefits programs and offerings to make sure they address the needs of our employees and their families,” said John Tchen, head of Human Resources, Witter Financial Group. “I am particularly pleased about this new benefit as I have been actively involved in helping children with autism.”

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