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Breakthrough Water Filtration System Launched by AcquaPura on Amazon

Breakthrough Water Filtration System Launched by AcquaPura on Amazon

3 Stage Filtration to 0.01 Microns and Lifetime Warranty with Acquapura Personal Filter: A Breakthrough Made Possible with Silver Ions. The product is available on Amazon priced at $10.99

Amazon, the largest online shopping platform has added a new personal water filtration system to their shopping platform. The new product is the AcquaPura Breakthrough Water Filtration System.

AcquaPura triple-layer filtration product has been developed to make obtaining pure and safe water for the entire family a simple process. The lightweight filtration “straw” combines silver ions and three layers of filtration to achieve water that is remarkably pure. The device is perfect for trekking, fishing, hiking, emergencies, camping or hunting.

The AcquaPura Personal Filter is fulfilled by and can be seen by visiting:

In addition to providing the purest level of water by filtering out every bacteria or virus larger than .01 microns, the Silver Ions form a deadly barrier to bacteria. The unique cap has an innovative design, which prevents dust from entering through the outlet mouthpiece. There is a backwash device to flush leftover particles from the filter.

Three layers of filtration are offered in a compact device. The pre-filter blocks larger particles, while the second layer consists of an exclusive antibacterial GAC damping system. The third filter is a hollow fiber UF membrane. The triple phase process means that raw water is transformed to safe and pure drinking water quickly. All of these features are packed into a device small enough to be tucked into a backpack or belt.

The AcquaPura device is a one-time investment and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to operate. The product carries the Water Quality Association and TUV-SUD certification. The AcquaPura filter straw is suitable for a gift for every member of the family who loves camping. Free shipping is available on order over $35.

Since the launch of the product on Amazon, it has achieved five-star reviews including one by Keegan Sutherland.

Keegan Sutherland said: “I really like this straw. I go hiking with my boyfriend a lot & this has come in handy. I always run out of water when hiking & I’ve always been afraid to drink any of the lake or creek water we have come across, so I ended up getting dehydrated by the end. Now that I carry this straw with me, I do not have that problem. I fill my water bottle up with whatever water we are by and attach the straw to it and drink it that way. I didn’t have any problems with using it. The water coming thru it had no funky taste. It’s a great thing to have if you camp or hike a lot.”

To learn more about the product, which has received five-star reviews, please visit:

About AcquaPura Breakthrough Water Filtration System

About the Product:

• Break through formula uses silver ions and triple layer filtration to give water that’s an amazing 99.9999% pure and Exceptionally safe for your family to drink. Best Gift you can give to your family and loved ones this season.

• Filter every single virus and bacteria greater than 0.01 Microns. There is scientific proof that silver ions are deadly to bacteria. It cannot get safer than this – we bet!

• 12 month, 100% money back guarantee. Lifetime replacement warranty protects you against manufacturing/performance defects through out the life cycle of the product. Go trekking, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking or store the filter for emergencies with confidence. You are safe with the Acquapura.

• Features a Unique Cap with an Innovative Dust-Free Design Protecting You from the Secondary Pollution of the Outlet Mouthpiece. Includes the backwash device for flushing the filter out of left over particles.

• Discover Raw water completely getting filtrated with Triple layer Filtration: Pre-filter, Exclusive Antibacterial GAC “Damping System” and Hollow fiber with UF Membrane. FILTERS UPTO 400 GALLONS OR 1500L OF WATER.

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